As fellow singers and rappers express remorse following the tragic police Dallas shootings, Lupe Fiasco went on his Twitter account to convey his thoughts on the last few days where both civilians and police officers have been killed.

In a series of tweets, the Chicago native urged his followers to not get caught up in the paranoia of strapping up with guns and using them without any clear thought.

"To my fans, no matter what color you are please don't allow yourselves to be enveloped in this new vicarious fear that was born last night," he tweeted. "Some of you will see it as a sign of pride and that "get back" that Huey and them was talking about and see it as a justice served."

He added, "Some of you will see it as a lens to see black people at a distance through & as confirmation of a weak prejudice lurking maybe now revealed."

Fiasco also revealed that he finds himself on both sides of the issue when it comes to black people and the police.

"I have 2 brothers and 1 sister who are all active police officers and my father was at one point a state police deputy for Illinois," he wrote. "On the other side about 95% of my friends & family have criminal records both federal and state. Currently serving time or recently released. And whenever something happens like this I always talk to two people, my sister the detective & my partner the convict," he continued.

No matter what side you are on, the recent shooting of both civilians and police are horrific and saddening. These are some historic and sad times we are witnessing right now.

Read Lupe Fiasco's Twitter speech below.

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