Okay West Texas this is right up our alley.  We all love putting up lights for the holiday season, actually some of us leave them up year long, but this year add a little Makers Mark and get lit, literally.  Makers Mark Small Town, Bright Lights contest is on. How better to deck the halls and roofs and more making one remarkable small town with all the sparkle and magic of the season. From window dressings to dazzling ornaments to a holiday light show, it will all be custom crafted by the pros.

Here’s the deal:

Which town you ask? Well, that’s up to your nominations. And we can’t wait to see them all. As you may know, we’ve been crafting our bourbon in the same small town in Kentucky since day one – so it’s safe to say we’ve got a soft spot for all the little things that make small towns remarkable.

From November 2 to November 13, 2020, you can nominate your favorite small town to be the one and only destination to get decked out by Maker’s Mark. It’s just like making the perfect holiday cocktail but you have to follow the recipe:

Make sure your nomination is entered between Nov 2 and Nov 13, 2020.


Getty Images
Getty Images

Log into your Twitter or Instagram account submit your nomination like so:

Post a photo of the remarkable town you’re nominating

Include the name of the town (City, State)

Use #MakeItRemarkable

Tag @makersmark

Tell us in your post (in 280 characters or less) what makes the town such a remarkable place and share a little something the town did this year that was truly remarkable.


Be sure to use #MakeItRemarkable? If not, we'll never find it!

After the nomination window is closed, don't worry. We won't just show up singing and get started. We'll let you know if your nomination is the one that leads to holiday décor galore.

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