Standing ovation for this guy. Good for him, finally putting the superintendent in his place!

A video has gone viral showing a man spill his heart out while speaking with a school board in Katy, Texas. He was there to speak to them about bullying, and explained how he was bullied extensively as a student.

It really breaks your heart to see his emotions coming out, as if he's been holding it back for so long.

He let's it all out, and gave everyone a surprise ending that no one saw coming.

During his speech, he spoke about how one time in particular, someone stuffed his head in a urinal during lunch. When he went to the office, instead of doing anything to the perpetrator, the principal sent him home for the day.

Then, he proclaims that the superintendent, who was sitting on the board he was speaking to, was indeed the bully that shoved his head in the urinal.

Then he storms off, all while the superintendent reacts in an immature way, leading most of the internet to believe that the story is 100% true.

Once a bully, always a bully.


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