Something amazing is fixing to come to Amarillo!  Plans have been made to build a state of the art playground at Medi Park for kids with special needs.

When I heard about this idea, I was beyond thrilled.  I think that all kids should have the chance to have fun.  The city of Amarillo, along with some help from a civic club, the new handicapped accessible playground is the beginning of some new attractions being added between the Don Harrington Discovery Center and the Botanical Gardens.

According to the regional director of AMBUCS, Vance Hall, "The ground work will be a grass with a foam bottom to it.  The fall ratio will be much safer than at your regular play ground where kids with wheelchairs can do go up and down slides so it doesn't limit them to brother and sisters playing, now they can do it."

The project is estimated to cost around $600,000.  The city donated the land and will be doing all the dirt work and sidewalks and will be redoing the bathrooms.  Once the playground is done, additional amenities are being designed to make sure children with special needs have more options at outdoor recreation, which includes a splash pad.

Construction begins in a few weeks and should be completed late summer/early fall.