Shaking up the smartphone industry, Mozilla debuted a pair of smartphones that would run its very own mobile operating system. Hello!

The makers of Firefox have named these devices Keon and Peak, with design help comings from Geeksphone. As of now, only developers will have access to them as they try to rustle up third-party interest in the new mobile platform.

Mozilla has plans to release consumer-friendly devices at some point this year, but for now it's still in a testing phase. Between the two devices, the Keon is the lower-performance of the two, while the Peak clocks in with some more robust specs.

Firefox OS, which will be running on both devices, is an open-source mobile operating system that will extend to both PCs and handsets. It will use HTML5 apps from both Mozilla's web services and third-party devs.

Who would have thought we'd see a Firefox phone before the much vaunted Facebook phone? But it seems that Facebook is too busy with those Graph Search shenanigans to be concerned about the handset wars.