Computers, laptops, cellphones, tablets - glasses? Google has designed the 'google glass' device which are glasses that can do almost anything. It's a very simple product that can do most of what your phone can, only hands-free. Ask it anything that's on your mind and it will pull up answers for you write in front of your eyes. The 'google glass' device can give directions, send messages, translate and all other kinds of things as well!

Google is very limited to how many of their 'glasses' will be given out first. Google is offering 8,000 of its new 'glasses' for sale. To be considered for one, you'll have to pay $1,500 and convince Google why you're worthy of wearing it. They ask you to fill out an application and answer the question #ifihadglass. The application is now closed but I'm pretty sure that they will have the 'glass' up on eBay and Amazon soon!

I think the 'Google Glass' would be a pretty neat to get my hands on, or should I not say hands. It seems like such good use for our multitasking in our fast paced generation. But I don't think that the 'glass' will live up to the hype. There's just so many cons that could go about while wearing them! Accidents and distraction - it's almost as worse as a phone! It's in your face! But that's just my opinion.

Take a look for yourself! Tell us how you feel...

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