A new survey by Mi Media reveals that 69% of people use their smartphone in the bathroom. Read on for other findings. 

50% of bathroom smartphone users post on Facebook and Twitter while on the toilet.

25% of people have dropped their phone in a toilet

59% of people read social media feeds while on the toilet

83% of people use dating apps while on the toilet

8% of people check their dating profile while on the toilet

Here are some tips for using your smartphone while doing your business according to fallibleblogma.com:

  1. Take your phone out of your pocket (or purse) before you get to the toilet. You can also wait til after you sit. But DO NOT reach for it while standing over the toilet. 19% of people drop their cell phones down the toilet.
  2. Don't Skype.  Not cool.
  3. If you just HAVE to talk on the phone, wrap up the call before you finish. This will help you avoid the awkward toilet flush in the background.
  4. Nobody wants to know what you're doing while your doing it. So don't say anything about it.
  5. Avoid a game with endless levels. Your legs will go to sleep.

For more tips (humorous and otherwise), check out fallibleblogma.com.

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