Memorial Day has turned into a fun weekend of leisure, rather than an iconic day of remembrance.

Not that there's anything wrong with enjoying a day off of work. Memorial Day is a national holiday, which means that most businesses will be closed. People take this opportunity to kick off summer in their own ways.

But Memorial Day is not the day to remember to celebrate summer. Memorial Day is an extremely important holiday that honors service men and women who have lost their lives serving the United States. This holiday has been recognized for over 100 years, since the time of the Civil War.

Military deaths are not just a statistic. Mothers, fathers, brothers, friends, sisters, husbands, wives, and children are all affected by it.

So even if you do participate in your own tradition over Memorial Day, take at least a moment to think about the people who fought for our freedom and gave their lives to serve us.

Here are some Memorial Day celebrations people from Amarillo like to partake in.

  • 1

    Going to the Lake

    It's finally starting to warm up, so a day of fun in the sun is a favorite when it comes to celebrating Memorial Day.

  • 2

    Playing Golf

    There will be several golf tournaments in the area over Memorial Day weekend, including the DEAN & DELUCA at the Colonial in Dallas, where names like Rory McIlroy and Jordan Spieth will pop up on the scoreboard.

  • 3

    Going Fishing

    Hunting season is over, so Texans pack up their guns and pull out the fishing gear. There aren't many amazing fishing spots around Amarillo, but the long weekend is a great chance to travel to a bigger lake.

  • 4

    Watching Sports Games

    Baseball is in full swing. From youth to professional, stadiums and bleachers will be filled with fans.

  • 5


    If a weekend trip is out of the question, there's no better alternative than a cookout. You can enjoy the warm air while you enjoy the company of friends.

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