Everyone appreciates our first responders. We may not always be the best at showing it, but we really do. There's a group in Amarillo that is hoping to put a permanent sign of that appreciation in downtown Amarillo.

If they get their way, soon there will be a memorial dedicated to first responders downtown.

Friends Of AJ Swope Working To Honor The Fallen

That's the citizen led group that is spearheading the project. Their hope is to install a memorial downtown that will serve to honor our fallen first responders.

The memorial would be placed, ideally, in a pocket park near SW 11th and Polk.

A Project That Has Been In The Works For A Long Time

The idea for a memorial for fallen first responders originally was part of a larger project. In 2018, it was included as a part of the AJ Swope Plaza and Texas Panhandle Walk of Fame.

The two projects have been separated, which is allowing the group to focus on the memorial aspect.

What Would The Memorial Look Like

The plan is for the park to be redesigned so that it contains a water feature, along with a wall that contains all the names of first responders who have fallen while serving the city.

As for other projects, there's an outdoor performance space in memory of AJ Swope that the group is working toward. Also, the Walk of Fame is still in the works.

For more information on the projects, and to get information on how you can help, go to friendsofajswope.org.

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