To be fair, he's primarily talking about downtown. A guy on YouTube came through town, and decided to make a video. In it he highlights several of the attractions we're all familiar with.

But first...he makes a trip downtown and doesn't paint a very nice picture of Yellow City.

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Deserted Downtown

The Potter County Courthouse in Amarillo, Texas
Michael Rivera, Townsquare Media

Our video-blogging friend does admit that he is downtown on a Sunday. I understand expecting to see people milling about constantly in a downtown district.

Unfortunately, Amarillo's downtown isn't hopping early on a Sunday. The night before, he would have been complaining about our lack of parking.

One thing he does point out, is that there is work being done to revitalize parts of downtown Amarillo.

Decaying Amarillo

It's true. We have our fair share of buildings that could really use some work. The good news is that some of our iconic buildings have already had work done on them. Even better, is that more projects are being worked on.

They just did a ground breaking at St. Anthony's. The Herring Hotel (which is featured in the video) is going to be getting work done on it. That was just announced.

Work is being done.

I do feel that for the whole "deserted, decaying, and I'm so shocked" section of the video, some places were cherry picked to make things seem a lot worse than they are. Also, he's not from here and has only stopped to stay the night a handful of times.

Some Work Has Been Done, And There's Still A Ways-To-Go

Amarillo is finding its way. Some work has been done. Work is being done. Yes, there's still more to do.

Still, I think we're far from deserted and decaying. There's a lot that still happens downtown.

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