Good news for those of us who miss Miley Cyrus on the small screen! The starlet has finally confirmed that she’s appearing on ‘Two and a Half Men’ this fall.

CBS reports that Cyrus will star as Missi for two episodes, during which her character will be visiting for a week. Missi is an old family friend of Walden’s who develops a relationship with Jake when he comes home from the Army.

Cyrus’ story arc will be fun to watch, since she has a bit of a history with the show’s star, Ashton Kutcher — she loves to punk and be ‘Punk’d!’ Cyrus also has a longtime Twitter friendship with the original ‘Two and a Half Men’ star, embattled actor Charlie Sheen.

The starlet’s recent film, ‘LOL,’ bombed at the box office, making a speedy turn to DVD. It was speculated that her star may be falling, but she’s enjoyed a sudden resurgence in relevance via her engagement to Liam Hemsworth and her super short, super blonde haircut. It’ll be nice to see Cyrus getting back to her television roots and being in the spotlight for her talent, not her toking!

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