Miley Cyrus posted a cryptic message about love following her breakups from Liam Hemsworth and Kaitlynn Carter.

The "Slide Away" singer let her thoughts be known via Instagram Stories on Sunday (September 29) alongside a photo all cuddled up with her pups in bed. In the message, she opens up about finding unconditional love with her pets, hinting that she's hadn't been able to find that with another human. In fact, she compares a dog's love to human love. arguing that no one is as loyal or faithful as an animal.

“Happy Sunday from me & 2 stinky dogs! Waking up surrounded by animals is my favorite way to start a morning. I am immediately reminded to LOVE without conditions," Cyrus wrote. "The best part about animals is that they are careless about the details. They live by the golden rule... Love & Be Loved. Nothing in between."

No questions regarding wealth, career, talents, race, age, sex," she added. "They love back 100X... all they ask for is to be cared for in exchange for loyalty, reliability, and faithfulness."

She ended the post with: "(Reminds me of someone.)"

miley cyrus
Miley Cyrus, Instagram Story

Now, we don't know who she's referring to, but fans have speculated she's trying to send her exes a message, while others seem to think she's shading Hemsworth and calling him out for unfaithful during their marriage. It's very unclear, but Cyrus could also simply referring to herself and what she believes she can offer someone.

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