As a parent, I try to better myself on a daily basis.  I want to make sure that I am knowledgeable enough to teach my son a variety of things, healthy enough to keep up with all his energy, and set a good example all the way around.  One thing that never crosses my mind when I think about him, is my looks.

Now don't get me wrong, I think maintaining your looks helps you have high self esteem and just feel good.  But I was recently watching Inside Edition and they were running a story about 'Back to School Makeovers for Moms."  It wasn't the typical 'mom works hard lets treat her' type of makeover, but moms prettying themselves to look good on their kids first day of school.  These moms did the hair, make-up, clothes, and some went as far as getting botox.

Botox for your child's first day of school is a little much in my opinion.  Before this story, I had no idea that moms did this.  These moms feel like their kids first day back to school is also the day to 'strut their stuff.'  Lyss Stern, who runs, got a full make-up and hair for her big day.

So the question that arises is 'Are these moms trying to out shine their kids?'  I think looking good is great.  But when is it crossing the line?  At botox?

Maybe I'm just out of loop.  So I ask all you moms, Do you get a back to school makeover to look great on your kids first day of school?  Please share.