All you beer lovers get ready because Coors is coming up with some new and interesting flavors. We have beer with lime, but how about beer with iced tea?

In any business, there will be competition and beer is no different.  You have to always come up with new and interesting products.  Molson Coors Brewing Co announced on Tuesday that  it will launch Coors Light Iced T and other new products, as the beer company fights to win a greater share of the struggling beer market.

Yes, you read right-Iced Tea beer.  With the new flavors, Coors plans on gaining the wine and cocktail drinkers.  Now the new flavor will be released in Canada first.  According to Morton executives, "in Canada, consumers are interested in flavored beers and other refreshing drinks."

There is no word if the beer will make it to the United States, but it isn't ruled out either.

Along with the Coors Light Iced Tea, they will also release Carling Zest, a limited-time-only beer with citrus flavors and an autumn-inspired Leinenkugels beer.