I don't know about you but my family has a tradition.  We have a tradition of bundling up grabbing a hot beverage and checking out the Christmas Lights.  There is just something about looking at all the twinkling lights and drinking hot chocolate, coffee, or cider.  So when it comes to checking out the Christmas lights, what beverage do you enjoy.

Red mugs with hot chocolate and marshmallows

Hot Chocolate seems to be the go to drink. I like hot chocolate however there is a ton of sugar in it so I avoid it, but, the kids love it.  If you are thinking about doing hot chocolate on your Christmas light viewing, try a Mexican Hot Chocolate.  Those are tasty.

Coffee, I am a coffee fanatic.  I love coffee. If you do go for coffee at a twist to your regular order.  Have them add some peppermint to keep you in the Christmas feeling.

Apple Cider - Apple cider is yummy and that spice in it, just makes you feel all warm and tingly inside.

Eggnog - Let me just say, I like to be warm when looking at lights.  It's cold outside and something warm is just inviting, but you can't go wrong with eggnog.  So this might be your choice when it comes to a nice beverage while enjoying the lights.

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