When is the last time you had date night?  Or the last time you have the night to yourself?  Well make plans because this Friday, Mr. Gattis is hosting a lock-in for your kiddos to have fun and for you to have the night off.

This Friday, go ahead and make plans for a date night with the hubby or girls night out.  What will you do with the kids?  Drop them off at Mr. Gattis for a lock-in dance party.  It happens this Friday, August 17th from 10:30 pm to 1:30 am.

It is completely safe and the kids are locked in until you come and pick them up.  Once inside, they will get to enjoy all they can eat pizza and salad, all they can drink, and all they can play games.

What a fun time.  It is for kids of all ages and it only cost $20, unless you pre-buy your kids wristbands.  Pre-sale is going to save you money because they will only cost $15.  This is a great deal.  Your kids will be fed and have fun for just $15.

If you want to buy your pre-sale wristband, just stop by the Mr. Gattis on 45th and Western.  This is a night you should take advantage of.


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