Amarillo has said hello and goodbye to a lot of places to eat recently. I am excited when we get new places opening up their doors to try. It's tough to keep a restaurant going. Especially with the challenges that restaurant owners have faced with finding employees.

You have to admit, Amarillo is definitely a place that likes to go out to eat. So when the Pandemic started and everything was shutting down it got interesting. Places tried to find ways to stay open. Some did take out and curbside. Some places even put in a drive thru where there once was not. We had to change in order to keep up.

Opening up a new place during a pandemic had to be scary. That is what one restaurant in Amarillo did. I was excited to try it. The reviews I read online for their pizza and pasta were pretty good. I will have to say that the photos I saw of their pizza really left me wanting to try it.

Venezia Restaurant
credit: Venezia Facebook Page

Unfortunately I never got the chance. As fast as Venezia, 2813 6th Ave, opened their doors in the summer of 2020. It seems they have also closed their doors.

I first discovered this on a post in the popular Facebook Group "Amarillo Restaurant Reviews.....At Your Own Risk". The question was asked if they were officially closed.

After searching for their place on Google it states that they are permanently closed. The place looks to be closed and cleaned out.

I am not sure when this actually happened. I am saddened that I never got to try it. I am also saddened when a business that seemed so promising also has closed their doors.

One less place to eat in Amarillo.

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