A few years before I was working here at Kiss-FM I started to drive for Uber. At first, it was just to make a few bucks. Then, I started to meet people with cool stories. Their stories made for great show prep. This is a story from the very first ride I gave.

One summer afternoon two years ago I decided to download the Uber app for my iPhone. After I was set up I was ready to make money by giving people rides around Amarillo. I sat in a Mcdonald's parking lot on Soncy for just under an hour. Suddenly I heard the sound telling me to pick someone up.

My first riders were at a small BBQ place on the south side of town. When I got there it was a young couple. A man, woman, and small child who was just about 2 years old. They were in town for a wedding. I asked them where they were from as I drove them to the hotel where they were staying. They told me Hutchinson, Kansas. I was curious about their home. So I ask a few questions. The answer I got back was awesome.

Credit: DC Comics

It turns out that once a year, this town called Hutchinson legally changes its name to Smallville. They do this just one day a year. Why you may ask. Smallville is where Superman aka Clark Kent grew up.

Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures


For now, this is just an annual event. But the couple I picked up said that the residents are trying to convince the local city council to make the change permanent.

This is just one of the many cool stories I have from my time on the road with Uber. Maybe I will share more down the road.