My Super Uber Story
A few years before I was working here at Kiss-FM I started to drive for Uber. At first, it was just to make a few bucks. Then, I started to meet people with cool stories. Their stories made for great show prep. This is a story from the very first ride I gave.
Getting Around Amarillo
It's Friday Night, you and your friends are going to go out and hit a few bars. You don't want to drive, so what do you? Your car is in the shop and you have to get to work? Who do you call? When you can't call a friend or family member to get you there, how do you get there?
Uber In Amarillo
Uber is a super helpful if you need a ride anywhere around town. You can download the app for free. You never need cash. The Uber app will just charge your debit or credit card the cost of the ride.