Maybe going back outside isn't the best idea right now. After spending a year cooped up inside the house due to the coronavirus, I'm now afraid of another virus that I've seen spreading this Memorial Day Weekend: The Human Stupidity Virus.

This will be the first REAL extended holiday weekend since COVID restrictions have been lifted and just a few hours in I've already witnessed and seen reports of people acting a damn fool in public spaces, flights and bars. Its clear that over the last year, people have forgotten how to act like normal human beings. As the elders would say: "Yall lost all yall home training". I'll share just a few examples:

Americans seem to believe that because restrictions have been lifted and vaccinations are on the rise, COVID has magically DISAPPEARED and they don't have to wear masks anymore. But airlines (which is one of the top ways COVID got spread in the first place) are still requiring masks. But in typical American fashion, hard headed "muh rights" types are causing ruckus and starting fights all across the country according to The Today Show.

According to CNBC, The FAA reported that since Jan. 1, there have been nearly 2,500 reports of unruly behavior on airlines and that number is going UP. Most have to do with folks still refusing to adhere to the POLICY OF THE AIRLINE to wear masks, but I'm sure most of it is from people who lost their sense of decorum since being allowed back outside.

Personally, just on SATURDAY alone, I witnessed 3 people at a local bar get carried out because they were blackout drunk, I almost got t-boned by an idiot who ignored a stop sign while driving, and while I was having a conversation with friends when some goofy drunk dude tried to start a fight with me because he thought I called him 'soft' even though I wasn't even talking to him.

All these factors point out one thing to me: Yall aint ready to come back outside yet. Maybe we should do a "staggered" system based on last names like A-M get to come outside from Memorial Day to 4th of July, then go M-Z from the 4th to Labor Day just to everything on the up and up.

I don't know what it might take, but if folks don't relax and just enjoy being back outside without all the extra DRAMA and BS, this could be the best summer ever, but its already starting to look like it could the dumbest.


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