IHOPs across the nation are celebrating National Pancake day. Which means FREE pancakes for everyone, and you better believe we were gonna get our free pancakes. Why not celebrate this day, and also attempt to make history here in Amarillo? How' are we gonna do that? Well we decided to do the pancake-eating challenge.

We found out the record of eating the most pancakes in a minute was six whopping, fluffy pancakes. So we brought in Crazy Larry to attempt to beat this record -to not only to try to put Amarillo on the map but to put it in the Guinness Book Of World Records.

Sounds really easy right? But we didn't know pancakes expand when you add water...Haha.

So did Crazy Larry beat the record of six pancakes? Watch the video to find out.



Womp,womp,womp...Good try Larry.  We got a whole year to train till the next National Pancake Day!!!!

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