It hasn't been too long since BPI shut down and 200 Amarillians were out of a job.  Now Nationwide Insurance is gearing up to close the doors to it's Amarillo call center, leaving hundreds unemployed.

If you are employed by or know someone employed by Nationwide Insurance you need to start preparing for unemployment.  The insurance company announced Wednesday that they will be closing the doors to the Amarillo call center.  The closure is not immediate, but 325 employees will be losing their jobs.

A spokeswoman for the company says that this is a plan to 'enhance productivity and efficiency' and cut operating costs.  The closure will not effect Nationwide customers or agents.  The only difference is customers will now have to talk to representatives in Lynchburg, Va.; San Antonio; Des Moines, Iowa; and Columbus, Ohio.

The initial plan is to have the call center closed by July 2013.

Current employees will be meeting with Nationwide personnel to help them with the termination.  They will help some get pursue jobs within the company or offer “career transition services” including severance packages.

Wow.  How much more can Amarillo residents take?  With this call center and BPI closing, that is over 500 people jobless.  If you work at the Nationwide call center, I would start building a resume.  Good Luck!

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