Ned Vizzini, the young adult author and screenwriter who often touchingly and humorously wrote about his own battle with depression, has died at age 32 after committing suicide.

The news was confirmed by his brother Daniel, who said Ned walked off the roof of their parents' home in Brooklyn on Thursday (Dec. 19). The New York City medical examiner also confirmed the news today (Dec. 20).

Back in 2006, Vizzini came out with the YA novel inspired by his brief hospitalization for depression, 'It's Kind of a Funny Story,' which was turned into a movie of the same name.

He also co-wrote the 2013 novel 'House of Secrets' with filmmaker Chris Columbus, which was to be the first in a trilogy. The sequel, 'House of Secrets: Battle of the Beast,' will be out in March.

In addition to his novels, Vizzini also penned two episodes of the teen paranormal drama 'Teen Wolf' and was working alongside J.J. Abrams on the NBC show 'Believe.'

He is survived by his wife and their son.