In September, you are invited to join others as they stand against suicide in Amarillo. It is an event that raises awareness and helps those affected by tragedy with healing.

The Stand Against Suicide has been going on for about a year. Organizer Tejay Adams said the event started shortly after her family suffered a tragic loss.

Tejay lost her brother to suicide on March 19, 2017. The stand was organized shortly after. Tejay says that the event started as a way to hopefully prevent others from going through the pain, and to hopefully save a life.

We started a couple months after we lost My brother to suicide on March,19, 2017. It started off as a way to help prevent others from going throughout pain by hopefully saving the life of someone who may be going through a rough time in their life. - Tejay Adams

The stand was also a way for Tejay and her mother to heal from their own loss.

Stand Against Suicide will be held at 45th and Coulter on September 23. The stand will last from 2 PM until 4:05 PM. Those attending will stand for 121 minutes to represent the 121 lives lost every day to suicide. The final 22 minutes are dedicated to the average of 22 veterans struggling with mental hurt or depression.

There will be inspirational music, and you are encouraged to bring photos of loved ones. Donations will also be taken in the way of jackets, blankets, tarps, socks, and similar items for the homeless.

For more information, check out the Stand Against Suicide event page on Facebook

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