Do you believe in Bigfoot? If you're a believer, or looking for a summer adventure, Texas supposedly has a few places where you can find the mythical creature.

According to a map of sightings at, the website for the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization, the closest you'll be able to possibly set eyes on Big Foot is Lubbock. For a better chance of finding it, you'll have to travel further east.

In fact, your best bet may be in Grayson County along the Red River. The most recent sightings reported happened there, and they have the most sightings according to the BFRO website.

Bigfoot in Texas is nothing new. Reports go back to the '70s on the BFRO website. There's even the book about one person's experience with a squatch in central Texas, Texas Bigfoot In My Backyard: Based On Actual Events.

On the BFRO website, they don't have any sightings reported in our area. Honestly, I can't blame a squatch for staying away from our mostly tree-less, hot, dry, wide open spaces.

On the website True Horror Stories of Texas, they have a photo that is supposedly of a squatch around Mission, Texas. The person responsible for the photo said they were fishing along the Rio Grande, and spotted the creature walking through the trees.

It is unfortunate that we still don't have conclusive proof that Bigfoot really exists among us, hidden away in forests, swamps, and up in the mountains. You would think that with modern technology we would finally be able to get a photo of the beast that isn't so out of focus or blurry.

Check out the map of sightings at the BFRO website, and if you're so inclined, go see if you can finally get that clear photo for us all.

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