More than once you'll over hear, or have a conversation yourself, about needing more options when it comes to eating out in Amarillo. Well, check this out.

Ethiopian and Eritrean Cuisine

Recently, news broke about the addition of a Mediterranean restaurant opening in town. Today, a friend of mine showed this to me.

We have an Eritrean and Ethiopian restaurant in town. It's called Marhaba, and I can't believe this is the first I'm hearing about it.

It's Also A Food Market.

Not only is there the restaurant where you can get Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisine, but there's also a food market inside. I'm really tempted to step up my cooking game and go see what all they have.

I'm already drooling thinking of the spices I could probably find there to add to my collection.

What Exactly Is Eritrean and Ethiopian Cuisine?

Looking at photos and their website, it looks like a lot of the food served contains beef, chicken, and lamb. There's also a lot of vegetables.

Their website says they do have vegan/vegetarian options and they can even make your order gluten free.

It Looks Like Amarillo's Palate Has Been Expanding.

While it may seem like the only new thing we get around here is a fast food restaurant, or something seafood inspired, that's not necessarily the truth.

Not only do we have the Eritrean and Ethiopian restaurant in town (by the way they've been here since 2019) but we now have the Mediterranean restaurant, and there's the new noodle place in town that I'm dying to try out.

If you find yourself struggling when trying to find a new place to eat at in town, try thinking outside of the box. There are a lot more options available than what you might think.

Plus, you get the joy of trying something new.

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