The Amarillo Rock Climbing House has a fun way to play. Get a group of your buddies together and get ready to go to war! A Nerf War! 

Have you ever wanted to be in a giant Nerf war with your friends? Imagine playing in a big area with lots of other Nerf players. 

 July 13th The Amarillo Rock Climbing House is holding its Nerf War Night! Bring your favorite Nerf Gun and get ready for action. Make sure to bring all the Nerf ammo you can bring too! The event starts at 9 PM and is located at 500 S Fannin St. Amarillo, Texas 79106

Make sure you have a squad too! Have your team wear a uniform, head bandannas, or war paint. 

When you bring your Nerf Guns and Ammo make sure to label everything if you want them back. 

If you don't have a Nerf Gun you can always go into your kid's closet and grab a few of theirs. 

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