A new survey by YouGov reveals that 26% of young men (ages 18 - 29) are hiding something on their phone. Read on for other findings. 

  • 3% of young women (ages 18 - 29) are hiding something on their phone.
  • 17% of men and 5% of women (ages 30 - 44) are hiding something on their phone.
  • 9% of men and 2% of women (ages 45 - 59) are hiding something on their phone.
  • 27% of women and 21% of men have gone through their partner's phone.
  • 61% of people believe the term 'once a cheater always a cheater'.

According to a recent survey, 62% of men and 34% of women have gone through their partner’s cell phone to see if they’re cheating.  Here are the top five ways people use their phone to cheat:

  1. They Put A Lock Code On It. Now granted, some people do it for security purposes only. But if you ask someone for their code and they don't give it to you, then you should probably worry.
  2. They Secretly Have A Separate SIM Card.  Sometimes, someone will have a second SIM card to use when they call/text their paramour.
  3. They give the person they’re cheating with a fake name in their phone. So a guy who’s cheating might save the woman’s name as one of his BUDDY’S names. Because obviously you’d be suspicious if you saw that a random girl kept calling.
  4. They deleted their recent text message and phone call log.  There's no good reason to do that unless they are up to something. (Full disclosure:  I do that and I don't cheat!)
  5. They have a second phone.  They might call it their "work" phone.

So beware!!!

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