The air guitar workout will have you burning calories and jamming out harder than ever.

Air Guitar Workout: Charles Muir, of Portland, Oregon, has designed a new exercise program called the Air Guitar Workout. The self-professed gym rat tells the Huff Post: "Growing up, I was obsessed with Pete Townsend of the Who and used to imitate his windmill moves. I had this awakening last year. There are a lot of exercises that use movements that are also used in air guitar. You have to maintain the shape of the guitar while you're moving around," he explained. "That can be intense. This brings a sense of play into your workout, so you don't feel like it's work. Playing air guitar is fun, but do it for all nine minutes of 'Free Bird,' and you'll realize you've been exercising!"

He tells the Portland Mercury: "When I shred to Van Halen's 'Everybody Wants Some!!,' I work legs, core, posterior chain, even grip strength. I do lawn mower pulls with my strums. Wood choppers when I whip my air guitar across my body. Sumo squats, Jefferson deadlifts, off-the-couch depth jumps. Medicine ball slams when I smash my air guitar like Pete Townshend. Neck work when I'm headbanging. That adds up to intervals, plyometrics, dynamic stretching, and ab work all in less than 10 minutes. A total-body workout that digs into muscles you won't reach hoisting bar-bells."

Source:  Sheethappens Prep Service

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