We live in a world of convenience.  If you are like me you hate going to the grocery store.  I hate it for a multitude of reasons, but mainly I just don't have time most days to plan a grocery store trip.

However there are ways to avoid the grocery store trip.  I love the pick up options Walmart and United offer.  You go online, do your shopping, set a pick up time and then go pick up your order.  Draw backs are when it comes to produce you don't get the best of the best, or you cannot use coupons or money back apps like savings catcher or Ibotta.

Grocery shopping is a necessary evil, but what if it could be done without ever walking into or even going to the store.  It's finally here, a new grocery delivery service in the Amarillo Area.

Instacart is a new grocery delivery service that has just launched in Amarillo.  It covers several local stores including United Supermarket, Market Street and Amigo's.  It also covers Natural Grocers and Sam's Club.  If you have a pet and need a pet product delivery PetCo is also an option.  Plus Instacart offers same day delivery.  Not only does it cover the Amarillo area, it covers Canyon, Canadian, Bushland, Cactus, Glazier, Dreyfoos, Dawn, Brazil, Palisades, Ady, and Bishop Hills.

While you are on Instacart, you also have the option to use coupons, they even have a coupon section with each store.

If you hate to go to the store or you just don't have time, here's an option for you to check out.



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