We hear people time and time again complain that they can't get anyone to work. Some people have decided they are just tired of working for the man. They want to see more of their money. They want to be their own boss.

So people are finding more and more ways to make money in unconventional ways. It's not that people don't want to work. They are just trying to find different ways that make sense for them.

I was scrolling through Facebook when I saw an ad that caught my eye. It's pretty ingenious I tell you. This guy is trying to help you solve a problem. He is trying to make money for himself. Oh and if you want you can make a little bit of money for you to. Isn't that the American Dream?

The guy's name is Ben Roberts and he wants to help you deliver items you may need help getting delivered. He charges a flat fee as long as it is being delivered in Amarillo or Canyon.

credit: Ben Roberts
credit: Ben Roberts

So you know that it will cost you $25 but here is where you can make money. He says you can then turn around and charge whatever you want to someone else. So say you have something big up for sale on the for sale sites. Ok, a lot of them say "must pick up". You can offer to have it delivered to them for let's say $30.

Right there you made an extra $5. How smart is that? It's also an opportunity for someone like me. I sometimes see stuff on those sites that I might want to buy. I don't have a truck to pick it up myself. So for $25 I can get Ben to pick it up and deliver to me.

See it's not that people don't want to work. They want to work smarter not harder.

When I reached out to Ben he said that he thinks he wants to name his business either "One Hunk and a Truck" or just "A Hunk and a Truck". Catchy. He says that he is actually trying to make money to help with making a studio here in his house. He loves music and already has three albums.

So this guy has goals and you can help him help you. You can find his ads on Facebook or just message him.

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