I have had a crazy busy week. I also was about to run out of dog food. I can't let them run out of food. I had to do something.

If I stopped at a store to buy dog food for my puppies I will admit the time it would take would keep me from going to bed. When you get up at 4:15 am it is important that I go to bed at a decent time.

Also when I work until almost 7 pm most nights that doesn't allow much time for me to unwind at home. So I admit it. I took the easy way out this time. I ordered online from Walmart.

With the fast shipping to my house, it would get there before I ran out. It was a win for me. I will admit I assumed when it got delivered it would basically be a bag of dog food on my porch with a mailing label.

I mean I got a 52-pound bag of food. How else would it come? Well played Walmart. Well played!

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

I had no idea they made envelopes that big. Apparently, they do! Oh, and I got one with my dog food in it.

I got home from work and saw it sitting in my living room. Which meant when my daughter got in town and got to my house she saw it sitting outside. She was nice and moved it in for me. I laughed because I know she had NO idea what was in the envelope.

She said she couldn't believe how heavy it was. Well, it is 52 pounds. Kudos to Walmart for making me laugh. Kudos to the delivery guy, who I apologize for having to deliver it to my house. Kudos to my daughter for carrying it in. My dogs are forever grateful to have their food.

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM