Nick Lachey and his wife, Vanessa Minnillo, are due to pop out a child in the next couple months.  Nick calls the overall experience "overwhelming", which is understandable as this will be the first child for both parents.  Ironically, Nick and his ex-wife, Jessica Simpson, are both experiencing the joys of parenthood at the same time!

This will be one of the luckiest children in the world!  The child's mom is a certified MILF and the father is a male figure that ladies love.  That's the best of both worlds!

Either way, the news is official.  Vanessa is glowing with pregnancy!  Nick should feel pretty proud of himself, Vanessa is carrying the baby weight quite well!  Jessica, not so much.

NY Daily News reports:

Lachey, 38, made the announcement Monday morning while guest co-hosting “Live! With Kelly. He said Minnillo, 31, is due late summer or early fall.

"Finally, Nick and I are ready to share our news," Minnillo tweeted after the news broke. "We have been blessed with a little Angel! We can't wait to meet Baby Lachey!!!"

The child will have a blessed life!  Nick has a ton of knowledge he can bestow upon baby Lachey.  Like how to be a man-whore, I think all men wish their fathers would have schooled them a little more in the subject.  Then of course, there's momma, Vanessa can make anything look beautiful!  Hopefully that same stunning personality will be passed along to the child.

Nick & Vanessa, now those 2 need to be having children!  We need less idiots in the world, Snooki isn't helping with that problem.  That baby is going to come out fist pumping and hopefully will punch Snooki in the uterus on the way out.  The Lachey baby will come out hitting high notes and looking like some kind of model.  We'll probably be seeing it in diaper commercials soon enough!
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