We are so excited to bring you a certified Lubbock Safe Attraction this October.

Nightmare On 19th Street will open ALL FOUR attractions beginning October 3rd, 2020.

We worked with the City of Lubbock to ensure a safe night out for those of you who love spooky things. We have been award the Lubbock Safe seal of approval.

So you've been stuck in the house for months and months, why not head out and enjoy the 1.24 miles of Nightmare On 19th Street, making it the longest contiguous haunted attraction in America and possibly the world. We can make the night out as safe as a nature hike or a walk through the neighborhood. (That's "safe," unless you're thinking about the ghouls, creeps, clowns, evil elves, and others on the property.)

Jessy Ann Huff
Jessy Ann Huff

Nightmare On 19th Street has implemented a bunch of new safety measures which will be outlined in a future post, but the most important are that EVERYONE in the park, including all patrons, must wear face masks, and all tickets must be purchased online to ensure a touch-free transaction.

Some of you have been begging for something to do, to be entertained, and to be around other people (even if it's six feet away). Hopefully the 2020 presentation gives you one of the best nights of your life. You can find out more about the park on the official Nightmare On 19th Street website and the Facebook page.

Don't think you can be scared in this socially distanced, masked-up coronavirus world? That's what all the chickens say. You need to remember that the chainsaws alone are over three feet long.

As usual, since Lubbock's Most Beloved Radio Host© Wes Nessman is a co-owner, so we're going to have lots of giveaways on FMX. Download the FMX app (and turn on "contest" notifications) and join the Bomb Squad VIP club to make sure you don't miss out on any giveaways.

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