We all hate getting bills to the point where some of us will even hide them in the freezer to put them completely out of sight and therefore out of mind. Volunteer mailman Steve Score of Minnesota’s Emmanuel Nursing Home has the unfortunate job of delivering such mail, but it looks like he’s found the most effective way of passing along these letters and all it took were some adorable little ducklings.

Peeper and the Pipettes, as the three ducks are called, assist Score in his weekly mail deliveries by sitting with elderly residents of the nursing home and brightening their day.

With these 6- to 8-week-old birds to look after, it takes Score a bit longer to do his job these days. But the recipients have no complaints. “It’s the best,” exclaimed one man as Peeper waddled around on his lap. It’s also a joy for 53-year-old Score. “I get to interact with them and the residents, so it’s a plus all the way around.”

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