Eighty-six years is the distance in time between Halley's Comet appearances. It's also the age gap between these two unlikely pals.

Erling Kindem, 90, and Emmett Rychner, 4, have captivated people with their unlikely and moving friendship.

The two struck up a relationship while neighbors in Minnesota two years ago that has gotten stronger over time, despite the fact Emmett's family moved to the country and Erling to a retirement home last summer.

Emmett's family continues to take the boy to visit Erling at his new home where they pal around, helping this pair maintain the friendship. Emmett recently attended Erling's 90th birthday party where he gave him dog tags.

It's certainly an unlikely friendship, one that Emmett's mom calls "very special."

Check out a report about their budding friendship last summer below:

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