Are you hungry? Well you better get those appetites ready! Olive Garden is offering a never-ending meal all just for one price, that lasts for 7 weeks!

If you didn't know, Olive Garden comes up with a huge deal every year that makes customers rush in to take advantage of the opportunity. Last year, the buy one get one free promotion gave customers full stomachs for the fact that you could come for lunch and go home with an extra meal for free.

This year is even better. Olive Garden will be selling 21,000 "Pasta Passes" for one hour only! Each Pasta Pass will give unlimited access to the dine-in Never Ending Pasta Bowl menu. You can even choose a soup or salad, bread-sticks, and a drink.

They will be available for purchase online at for $100! Pasta Passes go on sale 1pm CT on Thursday, Sept. 15th! You're going to want to be on exactly at 1pm CT, considering they have done this before and sold out within minutes.

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