I think everyone should at some point in their life wait tables. I really do. I see so many people angry over some really petty things.

Walk a mile in a servers shoes. Just once.

I waited tables for about 5 years of my life (at Ruby Tequila's when it was on Paramount and Gardski's). Yes, I  know I am showing my age now. I will say that was probably the best 5 years of work. I met so many great people, either as customer's or as co-workers.

It can also be a tough job with many hurdles thrown your way. When you have a table order something and you go back and know it is 86'd. Yep, can be stressful. When you get a table that walks in at closing and the kitchen crew is not that happy with you.

Or how about when a co-worker doesn't show up and you have to cover their section too....oh and you just got double sat with a big top. Server's will understand that.

There are also the great moments that make you smile as a server. How about the time I waited on Tim McGraw. Yep, that happened. Or the table that was just so awesome and tipped you way above expectation. Or the one that just gave you such a great review. That happens too. Those experiences make everything better.

Here are some recent moments that were blessings. This one happened this past weekend. The table was great for my daughter and also left her a great tip. Thank you!

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Then there are times like this.

Credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

The money can be great and rewarding. It's not always like that. So the times that people are just kind can make your day.

credit: Amarillo Texas Restaurant Review FB

That was a post about my daughter, Faith, yes saying "Hope" was close enough that we all knew. Made her happy. Oh and mom too.

Then there was this moment that could have been really horrible for her but the kindness of a customer here in Amarillo restored her faith in humanity.

credit: Amarillo Texas Restaurant Review FB

That night was really great because a stranger overheard an injustice and tried to make it better. This is the Amarillo we grow to love.

I meant it when I said there are some really great people in Amarillo.