For the love of God, or whatever you believe in, put your freaking cart where it belongs.

There's a YouTube Channel tackling this very issue, and to mostly hilarious results. I stumbled on Cart Narcs the other day, and my life hasn't been the same.

I can't stop binge watching this yo-yo running up to strangers and confronting them over their laziness. Let's be honest, that's all it is. Here's a good one from right here in Texas.

One, there are less people at the store (on average) no matter what you read in the Facebook comments of the latest COVID-19 report card. Two, it's hygienic.

When you put your cart in the corral, it is picked up by an employee who is more than likely wearing gloves. They're less likely to touch whatever you coughed on to the handle than the average Joe.

They're also more likely to be disinfected when they are taken back and put in the cart "bull-pen." If people are grabbing your nasty cart out of the parking lot, I doubt they're taking the time to disinfect it before going in.

Lastly, it's just the nice thing to do. Cart pushers don't make a fortune hunting down carts all over God's asphalted Earth. Be a little considerate. Act like you were raised better, even if you weren't.

Stop leaving your carts laying around. There's no excuse.

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