I don't know about you, but it seems that when the holidays roll around so does the road construction.  It always happens on some of the most traveled roads in the area.  Here is a list of the areas in Amarillo you might want to avoid on your commutes, since there will be construction going on and it will likely slow down traffic.

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  • Various lane closures on I-27 northbound and southbound on the service roads from
  • Washington Road to Hollywood Road for patching and edge repair.
  • Both the eastbound and westbound inside lanes of Interstate 40 at Loop 335 (Soncy) are closed, as are the eastbound and westbound frontage roads between Loop 335 and Helium Road. The frontage road is reduced to one lane in an alternating fashion (left then right).
  • I-27/I-40 interchange, the inside (left) lane of the I-27 southbound frontage road will be closed.
  • Right lane of FM 1541 southbound from I-27 to 58th Avenue will be closed during daytime hours.
  • Eastbound and westbound left lanes of I-40 will be closed from I-27 to Grand Street.
  • Right lane of the I-40 eastbound frontage road will be closed in the area of Osage Street.

    Continued Construction:

  • Washington Street to Valley View Lane, the speed limit is reduced to 45 mph in both directions.
  • On-ramp from Washington Street to westbound Loop 335 has been temporally realigned for widening.
  • Intersection of South Western Street and Loop 335 is being controlled by Temporary Traffic signals.
  • Intersection of South Georgia Street and Loop 335 has a four-way stop condition.
    Shoulders between Washington and Georgia Streets along Loop 335.


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