As spring approaches here in Amarillo, we'll see the hardware stores and other retailers putting flowers, plants, and other items out for sale.

Yup, it's quickly becoming gardening season.

I'll be the first to admit, I'm no gardener. Honestly, the thought of it makes my entire body hurt and my brain feel overworked. I appreciate those that take an interest in it though and follow through on it. They always end up having the most beautiful yards around.

The funny part about it is, I don't mind going to places and looking at all the stuff. It can be relaxing to be around all the flowers and whatnot, so I actually enjoy going to places to look at them. I just don't want to do the work involved. Call me lazy, it's ok, I can handle it.

Panhandle Greenhouses is one of the many places you can go in Amarillo for all your gardening needs, and now I have a reason to make it my one place to go and smell the flowers. This is incredible. You mean to tell me I can now walk around looking at the flowers and have a couple of beers while I'm doing it? Ok, now THAT is a plan I can get behind, and I might just mess around and have one too many and think this gardening thing doesn't sound so bad.

They're currently looking for musical acts that they can have come out and play some events, so if you're a musician looking for a gig, see below for who you can contact.

Facebook screenshot
Facebook screenshot

The first event is on March 23rd, but the bar is open now. See ya there.

Amarillo Botanical Gardens

The Amarillo Botanical Gardens is an oasis in the High Plans. If you haven't already been to this beautiful place, be sure to pop in for a visit. You'll fall in love with the beauty and color given by this place.

The Cactus Cove Inn

The Cactus Cove Inn and Suites is a brand-new oasis in Amarillo.

The Cactus Cove Inn was formerly known as the 1Hotel or better known as the La Kiva.

The hotel has been remodeled and is now the perfect place to stay and enjoy many amenities including:

  • Convenient self-check-in
  • A sparkling indoor pool
  • Open & airy atrium
  • Indoor putting green for leisure activity
  • Giant cornhole boards
  • Car sharing with Turo
  • Free shuttle to the iconic Big Texan Steak Ranch and Starlight Ranch
  • Pets stay free
  • Tesla Charging Station
Plus, The Western Horseman Club will return to the hotel in its new form in June for a great place to kick your heels up and dance.

This will be the perfect place for those to stay while traveling or a perfect staycation.

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