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I think we all love to spoil our kids. By kids I mean animals too. Especially our dogs. The dog treat and accessory business is a multi-billion-dollar industry in the United States. These are the hottest doggie items right now from Pawster:

When you are on the go with your pup by your side, you don’t want to have to worry about finding a water fountain when you need one. To make sure that your dog gets fresh water when he is thirsty, carry around a Doggie Drinklet in your wallet! The Doggie Drinklets Portable Water Bowl is the most compact and portable dog bowl on the market – it folds flat and is small enough to fit your wallet! When you are ready to give your dog some water, just unfold it and open it up to create a simple but usable bowl that holds more than a cup of water (or food). When your dog is finished, just dump out any extra water, fold it up, and put it back in your pocket. It is as easy as that!

Dogs love going for car rides but sometimes their excitement can put them at risk. It is unsafe to let your dog wander around the car, but how exactly do you keep him in his seat? The Clickit Sport Dog Harness from Sleepypod is the ideal solution to this problem. This 3-point safety harness plays two important roles – it is designed to keep your dog safe in his seat and it will help to redistribute damaging forces in the event of a crash. This safety harness is made from ballistic nylon, an energy-absorbing fabric, with a unique Infinity Loop design – just loop the safety belt through the harness to keep your dog safe and secure in the car. This harness comes in four colors and four sizes, small through X-large.

Having a small dog means that you can bring your furry friend just about anywhere you go. But traveling by car can be dangerous for small dogs because, in the event of a crash, your dog could be thrown from his seat. That is where the Solvit Deluxe Tagalong Pet Booster Seat comes in – it offers your dog a comfortable place to sit in the car while also keeping him protected in the event of a crash. This booster seat features a basket-like shape with a padded interior and an integrated harness. The basket installs quickly and easily, taking support from the seat under it and latching into the safety belt in your car. This booster seat come in sizes up to 22-by-17-by-27 inches for dogs weighing up to 30 pounds and the liner I removable and washable for your convenience.

There is nothing more enjoyable than spending the day outside with your dog. But a full day of hiking with your pup requires you to bring along some supplies such as food, water, and treats. Rather than stuffing these necessities into your own already-loaded pack, why not have your dog carry the things he needs? The Outward hound DayPak for Dogs is a great solution for hiking and camping trips because it features 4 expandable pockets and a comfortable saddlebag-style design – it also has a D-ring so you can attach your dog’s leash directly to the pack. This pack features adjustable straps and a breathing mesh design for your dog’s comfort – it also has reflective accents and vibrant colors to enhance visibility for your dog’s safety. Available in three sizes, this day pack is a must-have for pet owners who love to explore the great outdoors with their canine companions.

High-Tech Dog Toys and Gadgets

Getting to play with your dog is one of the biggest perks of being a dog owner and it is the best way to build a strong bond with your canine companion. Dog toys come in all shapes and sizes but in this modern world, some dog toys incorporate modern technology to create toys and gadgets that make your life easier. From magnetic leash connection system to wi-fi cameras and treat dispensers, high-tech dog toys and gadgets are the way of the future for the modern dog owner.

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