Someone is trying to sully the good name of the Amarillo Police Department by involving them in a phone scamAmarillo Crime Stoppers says "no, don't do it, it's not us!"  The crooks are calling Amarillo and Texas Panhandle people.  So if you get a call from someone trying to solicit donations for the police department, just hang up.

Amarillo Police

"Amarillo Crime Stoppers received a tip at about 7:00 PM tonight of a possible phone scam.  The caller contacted a local person and asked for a donation to the Amarillo Police Department.  The caller knew the intended victim's name and named a business they were associated with.  They told the person being called that they had donated before. In this case, the victim recognized it was a fraud, and did not provide credit card or other information.

An internet search of the number the call came from, which in this case included an 832 area code, indicated that someone using this number has attempted to obtain donations from people on behalf of law enforcement agencies in Texas before. There is no indication it is connected to any legitimate fund raising.

If you get a call requesting donations for or on behalf of the Amarillo Police Department from any number, do not provide personal information or a donation.  The Amarillo Police Department does not solicit donations, and no one has permission to solicit donations using the Department's name.

Be cautious and fully check out any calls/organizations soliciting donations. Telephone scams and fraud are regularly reported to the Crime Prevention Unit, but you can protect yourself by investing time to research before  you donate. "

You should check out any organization that calls you soliciting donations before you give them your debit or credit card number anyways...ALL of them!