Dallas Chambers

Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union warns their Amarillo and Texas Panhandle members of a phone scam that involves the scammers using them as a part of the crime.  ACFCU has revealed that about 20 members report a text or phone call stating that their Mastercard has been compromised or locked.  The calls/texts are coming from an 806 area code, and Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union wants to make all of their members aware of this phone scam.

Amarillo Police

"APD has been in contact with a representative of the Amarillo Community Federal Credit Union.  They report getting calls from about 20 of their members about a text or call that tells them that their Mastercard has been compromised or locked down.  The calls show up as a number with a local (806) area code.  If you call the number, you will be referred to a second number and recording that directs you to provide your 16 digit Mastercard number.  As with any text or call that appears to be from a financial institution, do not respond with any information.  Banks and credit unions do not ask for your information, they have it.  Only trust calls to a number that you look up and trust.  These types of scams are common, but this one, using an 806 area code, is not as common and some people may respond due to the local area code.  The SCAM numbers used so far have been 806-418-5219,  and 806-576-0877. "