With all of the dangers of synthetic drugs, you'd think that smoke shops would stop selling it.  Nope, not the case.  Police raided 'Up in Smoke' and seized 24 pounds of synthetic "Green".

The thought of a legal substance that has all the side effects of "Green" seemed to good to be true and it definitely was.  Synthetic drugs seem to be a thousand times more harmful than the actual drugs.  So this cause many states, including Texas, to amend some laws.

On September 1, 2011 the TX legislature amended the TX Controlled Substances Act and made bath salts and synthetic "green" and other designer drugs illegal for sale and use.  This means that if you are caught with these items in your possession, you will face criminal charges that range from a misdemeanor to a first degree felony, depending on the amount you have.

Well this morning, Amarillo Police acted on a tip from Albuquerque.  At 10:30 am they raided 'Up in Smoke' on Western and Mockingbird.  They found and seized 24 pounds of the synthetic "green" known as K-2.

No arrests have been made, but the police department expects that to change as the investigation continues.

With all the crazy stories that have been in the news lately, do you think it is a good thing that K-2 is illegal?