With everything going on in the news with police, it's important that they have the right training.  Potter County is making sure that all officers are prepared to handle any situation.

Potter County patrol officers and jailers will be going through a resistance response simulator training to better help them handle real life situations.  They won't be using real weapons, but modified weapons that will built just like a real weapon and will be practicing with onscreen perpetrators.

Of course, it is always best when situations can be handled without the use of weapons so officers will also be learning better communication skills to use when in different situations. It is always better when a person can be talked out of doing something stupid.

When an officer is called to handle a situation, they never know what to expect so they need to be prepared for any situation.  They will be able to practice on up to 600 different scenarios including drunk subjects at a bar, an inmate who is resisting inside of a jail cell and active shooters.

They will also be taught how to perform different kinds of first so if their weapons have to used, they will know how to help them.

Every officer at the sheriff's office will be required to complete this training this week!  It is all to make sure they are prepared every time they go out.