If you are looking for a job now is your time. There are plenty of places that are hiring. You just need to find the one you like and get to filling out those online applications. The jobs are there.

If you ever wanted to get into law enforcement you have that chance now. Potter County Sherriff's Department is looking to add on to their staff. Yes, some jobs they are looking to fill you will need certain qualifications. There are some that do not.

This is from their Facebook post:

Looking for a career? Come join our family! If you are interested call us at 806-379-2906, or check out our website. Love to have you join our family!

They are looking for Deputy Peace Officers and Medical Personnel's. Both of those positions need certain licenses and experience. If you want to apply to be a Corrections Officer it is time for you to call or get on their website. That position does not require any experience. They will train you.

credit: Potter County Sheriff
credit: Potter County Sheriff

So there is no excuse if this is something that has been in the back of your mind. There are some requirements but looking over the list even I fill all the requirements. So all you have to do is call now or click HERE and go to employment to start the process.

Here is to getting that job you have always wanted. You can make a difference in Potter County. You might as well check it out.

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