Ricardo Medina Jr., a former 'Power Rangers' actor known for playing the Red Ranger on 'Power Rangers Wild Force' as well as Deker on 'Power Rangers Samurai,' has been released from jail and was not charged with murdering his roommate, Joshua Sutter. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the Los Angeles Country district attorney's office believes a further and more thorough investigation into Sutter's death is necessary before making any charges.

Medina was first arrested this past Saturday (Jan. 31) for allegedly stabbing Sutter with a sword after Sutter forced entry into Medina's bedroom, following an argument the two had. Police apprehended Medina when they arrived on the scene and he was put in jail. But it looks like Medina has since not been charged and has been allowed to go free for the time being. Deputy Amber Smith said (all quotes via the Hollywood Reporter), "His case was rejected, pending further investigation."

Medina reportedly spoke to reporters upon his release, saying, "I'm very, very, very sorry for what occurred. I'm very happy to be out of jail, and my heart goes out to the Sutter family."

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