Hawaii resident and 30 week pregnant mom Nicole Leszczynski lands jail time for stealing 2 chicken sandwiches and lands her and her husbands daughter in state custody over night.  For $4 worth of sandwiches from a Safeway that she says she forgot to pay for!  And this lady doesn't seem like a thief!  I know my ocular pat down of her isn't rock solid, but look at her!  A pregnant mom! 

Well the entire ordeal has sparked a huge outrage among residents and Safeway is now reviewing the incident.  You know before a bomb is planted.  (CBS News)

Leszczynski, 28, and her husband Marcin, 33, were handcuffed, searched then released on $50 bail each. Their ordeal at the police station lasted a few hours, but their daughter Zofia spent the night away from her parents

How PO'd does this make you?!  Before I break my key board let's review this whole thing.  She's pregnant and already has a child.  She's most likely not out to steal things.  Regardless of Nicole's character, Safeway showed a lack of character by having her and her husband arrested, humilated with their child present, thrown in jail and made public news!  But let's pretend that she intentionally stole the sandwiches.  When is it right and wrong?  I mean if she has no money and needs to eat for 2, what does she do?  More importantly, what do you do if your the one that caught her?

This all comes down to a person's sense of compassion I think.  If it were myself dealing with the situation, I would have let her slide.  Either way!  No matter what caused it, being she forgot to pay, or never intended on paying.   Hell I would have bought them for her and some freaking chips!  This is a pregnant mom.  Now Safeway is pregnant with complaints and PO'd people!

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