With beloved USA comedy 'Psych' currently airing its seventh season, fans of the psychic detective comedy were dismayed this past December to learn that the series' eighth season would consist of only eight episodes, more than likely its last. Now, USA has officially ordered five additional scripts to the upcoming eighth season, but will production pull together to film them?

The prospect of 'Psych's cancellation had long been on the table, with the most recent confirmation of an eight-episode eighth season apparently supporting the idea. Now, via Deadline, we've learned that USA has officially ordered five additional scripts for season 8, bringing the total to 13 episodes if all goes as planned. Whether or not USA intends for season 8 to represent the last of 'Psych' remains to be seen.

One potential wrinkle comes in the form of female lead Maggie Lawson, lined up to star in an upcoming ABC pilot from the Cullen brothers. Should the untitled comedy go to series, Lawson would only be available for 5 of the potential 13 episodes overall. 'Psych's return has certainly been doing well for the network, as despite a long hiatus 'Psych' season 7 drew 2.9 million viewers for its premiere, episodes since running equally steady.

What say you? Are you optimistic about future 'Psych' now that season 8 will likely expand by 5 episodes? When do you think the series will call it quits?

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